iMac Computer Screen

Localized Print

Print ads needed to be customized for international markets since image trends varied across countries. Localized copywriters insured that each of the ads conveyed the same message.

Display Localization

Leveraging the same process as the print ads, localized display was customized and translated so that the message was as effective as possible in regional markets.

Localized Landing Pages

To increase conversion and adoption localized landing pages were tested within international markets. Upwards of an 100% increase in conversion was seen with the correct flow of content on the page.

Creative Trend Reporting

Shutterstock has a wealth of image data from selling and distributing tens of millions of images. We leveraged that data to execute highly engaging interactive trend articles that were shared millions of times. 


Panorama was Shutterstock’s way of celebrating their amazing artist community. Every week for a year Panorama highlighted the top contributor’s from this community. 

Event Collateral

NAB is one of the largest events Shutterstock participates in every year. To enable awareness around the brand and product offering we reimagined all of the collateral given out at events.